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IN the end Mr. Munn was certain that Bunk Trevelyan was
telling the truth. " Shore, I put a gun on him," Bunk Trevel-
yan said, sitting on the edge of his cot in the jail, humped
forward with his great red hands hanging from off his knees.
On his hands the coarse, red hairs looked pale against the
redness of the skin. " But that don't mean to say I stobbed
the bastud. I never aimed to shoot him, even. I aimed to fill
that-air barr'l so full of holes you could see daylight through
hit. And I aimed to scare the bastud so he'd wet his pants
leg. And I might a-done hit, too, if n my wife didn't grab
holt of my arm that-a-way. Any man might a-done hit,
finden the bastud down tote-en water off yore place and hit a
drout and yore well nigh dry. When I seen him tote-en water
outer my spring toward that-air barr'l, I didn't say nuthen. I
didn't open my mouth. I just come to the house and grabbed
my rifle and tore out down toward the spring. When I come
to the turn in the path whar that big old sweet-gum is and
seen him whippen up that old mule of mYn and my water a-
sloshen outer his barr'l, I just up and put a bead on that-air
barr'L Any man might a-done sich. But I didn't pull no
trigger, even. My wife grabbed holt of my arm. What I
done wasn't no crime, and if n that durn nigger boy didn't
go blabben off his durn mouth about what he seen to some
other nigger and that nigger didn't go blabben off his mouth
to somebody else, I wouldn't be here now. Let me git that
nigger, 111 frail him. But Duffy. Shore I put a gun on him,
and shore I'm glad the bastud's dead and don't keer who
knows hit, but that don't go to say I kilt him. Now does hit?"

" No/1 Mr. Munn admitted, " it doesn't. Not before the

"Naw, hit don't"

He was sure that Bunk Trevelyan was innocent. If he had
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